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Connie Moody, CPA


Connie Moody, a CPA, has spent most of her career in the insurance industry as an accountant, auditor, and regulator. She was the Chief Financial Examiner for both the Nevada and Indiana Departments of Insurance. In 2016 she brought her financial and executive skills to Moody Eyes.



Penn Moody has owned a number of independent eye care practices since graduating from optometry school. He has been a national speaker, a vendor advisor, and on the advisory board of several organizations. In 2005 he founded Moody Eyes, a multi-location eye care practice in Indianapolis.

Penn Moody, OD

We implemented Trainual into our business in early 2019. We have seen the amazing difference this has made in our business…consistent staff training, better on-boarding, and the peace of mind from knowing our business can operate without us being involved in every step. Now we are bringing this expertise and experience to other Trainual clients.

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